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  • Eneco

    Eneco is an international sustainable energy company, with activities in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium. Eneco constructs and maintains wind turbine parks and solar projects.

  • Lotto

    The National Lottery organizes fun, accessible and responsible games. Every year, a significant part of the profits is donated to good causes.



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  • Coachbox

    No other competing software on the market helps coaches win more time while planning, analyzing and communicating with their athletes and team.
  • Ugent

    Ghent University (Ugent) was established in 1817 and consists of eleven faculties, which offer high quality and research-based educational programmes in almost all scientific disciplines. Ghent University scores high in the international rankings: n° 69 in the Shanghai ranking and n° 107 in the Times Higher Education. Currently there are about 9000 staff members and over 42000 students.
  • Eutraco

    Passionate player in logistics since 1967.
    Eutraco is helping Hmmdrum with their Tour de la musique by transporting the cargo bikes to the South of France.

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